The Legendary Lost City of Giants Was Discovered in The Jungle of Ecuador

In case you didn’t know already, the locals from the jungle of Ecuador have always believed that the Amazon jungle was originally inhabited by a race of carnivorous giant humans. This race of giants was quite violent, to say the least as they are believed to have ruled over the aboriginals by force, effectively taking over whole cities with ease thanks to their superior strength.

Knowing these ancient tales, a group of investigators decided to make their way to Ecuador and see for themselves what proof these ancient civilizations had of their teachings.

So, they began by interviewing the elders, asking them why they believe in the Giants, after all, to which the elders responded that they have a very sacred place in the jungle which was built by the Giants in the first place as a reminder of their sheer overwhelming power over them.

They asked to be taken there and once they arrived, they spotted the fact that each one of the boulders that were used at the foundation of the structure weighed around two tons or so.

Not only that, but they also uncovered the fact that these boulders had been chipped down and smoothened to the point where this would only be possible with the use of advanced power tools.

Several interesting utensils and tools were also uncovered nearby which all seem to point towards the fact that the aboriginals are telling the truth after all.

You can see the absolute shock and dismay in Bruce Fenton’s eyes as he was the one leading the whole project and he was just as surprised as everyone else.


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