The Giant Ancient Monolith of Tlaloc is a Perfect Representation of a Spaceship

Tlaloc is one of Mesoamerica’s most well-known ancient Gods. He is regarded as a provider of life and nutrition.

He could unleash hail, thunder, and lightning all at the same time. He is also the lord of the element water, which explains why he is represented by water-dwelling creatures.

As a result, he may be able to trace his existence back to the “great flood.” Despite the fact that this god is Aztec, he was revered by almost all Mesoamerican ancient civilizations.

A megalithic statue from Caotlinchan is the most spectacular portrayal of this god. The statue was meticulously carved from basalt.

But the most intriguing aspect is how those ancient civilizations transported such a massive statue from one location to another. Its weight is considered to be comparable to that of the Easter Island Moai statues.

Why would someone worship a water god so much? Perhaps it is linked to some kind of communal pain produced by myths and legends?

Finally, the monolithic statue was moved to Mexico City in 1964, and when it arrived, an extraordinary and severe storm happened. What do you make of this?

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.


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