The Controversial Ancient “Book of Giants” Was Discovered in Qumran

Around 50 years ago we made the most amazing discoveries; we managed to find ourselves the “Book of the Giants” aka a series of stories regarding a character known as Mani and his travels through the land of the Giants.

This ancient book was actually extremely popular amongst the Manikins and if the information is correct then this served as both a good night story and a warning for the true believers at the time. But alas, we’re getting ahead of ourselves so let’s begin with the contents of the story.

In this story we find out about the Giants, a race of incredibly powerful and dangerous deities that would stop at nothing when it comes to destroying anything they come into contact with.

They were a result of the unholy union between God and mortal women, and because the Giants were neither they couldn’t handle it, deciding to attack and destroy everything they could get their hands on, even going as far as to cannibalize each other for the sake of asserting dominance.

When Enoch heard of the doings of the Giants he immediately set down to bring justice to them. The book is quite vague regarding what really happened to them in the long run, but what is definitely up to interpretation is whether Giants still live among us or if this is just a random religious fairy tale teaching children of the consequences of acting out of line.

Nothing is known for sure, except for the fact that this is definitely an interesting theory to hypothesize about.


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