The Bizarre Face Of Harakbut – The Ancient Guardian Of The Legendary City Of El Dorado

El Dorado, a mythological city that was once a high-tech civilization in Earth’s history, is now a myth. For centuries, hundreds of people searched unsuccessfully for El Dorado. It is a city that legend says was built from gold.

People who believe the tale is true believe that El Dorado (the city of Paititi) and its riches could be found in the Madre de Dios mountains of southeastern Peru.

The Harakbut Face is a sacred spot in Harakbut culture, located in Madre de Dios (Peru). It is a stunning rock totem which depicts a human visage in clear detail.

Incacok is the name of the forest. Harakbut, the Amarakaeri language, refers to it as “Inca Face”. According to Harákbut elders’ accounts, there are two bigger monolithic faces in the forest, linked by ancestral underground routes that led to a huge ancestral metropolis, probably “El Dorado,” but all who understood how to access them have already died.

The aboriginal inhabitants consider the location sacred. It is hard to access; it is remote and difficult to reach; you will need to travel through rock and mud in high humidity. There are encounters with large snakes, pumas, jaguars, large insects, and other creatures.

The Harakbut ethnic tribe, which is the same as the Harakbut, rediscovered the Harakbut Face rock in the Amarakaeri reserves to use it for cultural purposes in conserving its territory. This massive Andean-styled face can be found at the top a large waterfall that pours its water into a lagoon. The serious expression on the face that the ancient man who carved the rock shows is what you would expect from him.

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