The Architecture of Ancient Egypt Proves High Technology (VIDEO)

Let’s be honest here, as time progresses our technology is advancing more and more and it appears as though we’re reaching soaring new heights every day thanks to the ingenuity of our best minds.

The problem is though that it is quite hard to come up with anything original anymore, as it appears as though everything that we’ve ever worked on has already been done before.

This theory is made even more obvious by the recent discoveries which all point towards ancient civilizations having access to modern-day technology. What could this mean? Is it aliens that interacted with our ancient selves and decided to share their knowledge with us, or could this be the case of time travelers instead?

Many believe that something fishy is going on with the ancient Egyptian civilization as nothing about them makes sense. How did they come up with the incredible pyramids and temples of the past and more importantly, how could they build them in the first place?

Many believe to have actually uncovered the truth behind it all on the famous walls from the temple of Dendera, where it appears as though ancient technology was used for the construction of it all.

Look at the floor, it is clearly made out of several huge pieces of stone that were cut with some sort of a power tool in ancient times. We do have the technology for it now, but there is no way that anyone would be able to do such a thing in ancient Egypt, would it?

Many experts now believe that the statues that were built in that time period, the pyramids, the monuments, and everything in between has all been built by the ancient Egyptians through advanced technology. That is the only explanation that can be applied to this.

What do you think? Do you think this is jumping the shark or that it is plausible?


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