The Ancient Pyramids Were Built Using Advanced Sound Technology, But Not a Word in The Textbooks About it

Many sources claim that the Ancient Egyptians used sound to build the pyramids and other massive constructions. However, as reported in numerous textbooks, the construction was made feasible by slaves, ropes, bricks, and so on.

Of course, all of this is due to the fact that there is no data demonstrating that such miracles can be performed using sound. Henri Kelson appears to have observed and investigated sound levitation in Tibet.

He detailed how Tibetan monks used pipes and drums to lift boulders, but he also described the entire procedure in minute detail — how they stood, what they sang, how many people there were, and so on.

All ancient cultures, according to Kelson, knew how to use sound levitation. It’s no surprise that the Mayans built to incredible heights.

However, more than a century has gone since Kielson’s explanation, and youngsters are still told a different version at school.

Many countries, notably Russia, have demonstrated that Kielson’s idea is feasible. Furthermore, Yun Rekimoto, Takayuki Hoshi, and Yoichi Occhiey of Tokyo University proved to the world how sound waves may be used to move small objects in space. NASA and other space agencies are also interested in this technology.

However, pyramids were still built by hand by 100 thousand slave armies…



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