The Ancient Giants of Nevada and The Mysterious Lovelock Cave

There is a very popular theory that has been going on for ages now that implies that our planet was once upon a time inhabited by a race of giants that destroyed everything that they touched.

They were vicious creatures that stopped at nothing to get what they wanted, they would kill and maim even their own whenever they felt threatened, they would stoop as low as to cannibalize off of one another just to establish their own dominance over the fields.

According to the legends, the Paiute, aka the tribe that settled in the Nevada region a couple of thousands of years ago do refer to this race of Giants as the Si-Te-Cah and according to them, a battle was held between the tribes of Indians and the Giants to finally decide who shall rule the lands.

Despite the fact that they were losing, the Paiute decided to trick the giants by baiting them into the Lovelock Cave which they blocked the entrance to once the Giants entered it.

The Giants ended up dying and life went on, without a shred of proof relating to them, or so we thought.

Recently a new discovery was made; the Lovelock Cave was finally spotted and inside there were traces of huge 15-inch footprints and even massive skulls that left scientists completely baffled.

This is a great day for conspiracy theorists around the globe because this is one theory that we can definitely say without a doubt that it is FACT, not FICTION.


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