The Ancient Egyptians Knew About The “Extraterrestrial Origin” Of Iron

According to Victoria Almansa, the ancient Egyptian civilization believed that iron and heaven were united as they already knew of how iron worked and how to use it for their advantage from their mythological works.

The Huelva Egyptologist Victoria stated that ancient Egyptians thought that heaven was actually an iron container of some kind that contained water inside. As time moved on these iron bits would progressively fall off, only for them to turn into meteorite fragments as they entered the atmosphere.

This is how they came to know the fact that iron originally came from space 1,000 years earlier than any other civilization knew of it.

The discovery was originally made by Almansa in one of the pyramids in Saqqara. These pyramids date back to 2,300 – 2,100 BC and they have inscriptions on the walls which tell us the relationship between metal and heaven according to the ancient Egyptians.

This shows us that ancient Egyptians saw iron as a commodity from the gods from outer space, and more importantly, they knew about meteorites and where they came from since the third millennium.

The notorious “bjA” symbol was discovered here, which is said to imply that iron comes from heaven after all.

All of the references they have for iron make sense now, including the meteorite dagger that the ancient pharaoh Tut had in his tomb.

Source: UFO Spain

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