The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Were Built Long Before The Appearance Of The First Egyptians

According to legend, the Egyptian Pyramids were built by the Egyptian pharaohs around 4,000 years ago.

Apart from the fact that pyramids were visible signs of power and omnipotence during the ruler’s lifetime, they became monuments after his death.

However, the date of construction of the pyramids remains a mystery, even if it is clearer to science than ever.

The pyramids are older than is commonly believed.

John Anthony West, an engineer and scientist, made a remarkable statement not long ago. He believes that one of the most impressive structures on the Giza plateau could have been constructed by ancient Egyptians.

The fact is that on the back of the Sphinx, West discovered furrows from streams of water – this suggests that Egypt once had a tropical climate. For many millennia, Egypt has been a desert. The Sphinx is therefore at least 7,000 years of age.

It was previously believed that the Great Sphinx had been built at the order of Pharaoh Khafre. This is the same person who also owns the second-largest pyramid in the Giza plateau. They began looking for water on the pyramids after they discovered traces of it on the Sphinx. They did find it.

Researchers found a two-meter hole within the Cheops pyramid. It is unlikely the builders used a damaged block to construct the base. The shells could only mean one thing – the base of the pyramid was in the water. And if so, then its age is at least 9,000 – 10,000 years.

Fact is, that around 10,000 years ago, the temperature rose and glaciers started to melt. The result was that the World Ocean’s level rose by 70 metres.

The Cheops pyramid’s base was then flooded for a while. It is possible that the pyramids are older. However, scientists believe that the Egyptian civilization began 3.5 thousand years ago. But the Sphinx, and the pyramids, have been around for several millennia on the Giza plateau. These pyramids were not built by the Egyptians.

Amazing discovery in South America

A cave in Ecuador was discovered many years ago. It was filled with unusual artifacts.

There was also a stone pyramid into which an eye was mounted. It measures 27 cm in height and has 13 steps. Scientists have been puzzled about this artifact. Scientists are puzzled by the fact that pyramids exist in the Western Hemisphere. Take, for instance, the pyramid of the Sun located in Mexico.

These pyramids and others in America are however different than the Egyptian ones. They differ in their slopes and structure. While all of them have stepped edges, the Ecuadorian pyramid has smoother side edges and inclinations that are sharper. This pyramid looks more Egyptian-like. It is also quite surprising to see an eye on the pyramid’s top.

The eye symbol was not significant for either the Aztecs or the ancient Maya. Egypt’s Eye of Horus, which is the most powerful symbol of Egyptian magic counteracts the forces of evil, is another example. The eye was also attached to the pyramid.

The thing is that the so-called pyramidion – a small stone in the form of a pyramid – was erected on top of the Egyptian pyramid.

But even more, mysterious and amazing images are found on the base of the pyramid – five white dots, which scientists associate with the constellation Orion. This constellation has been used by sailors from the Northern Hemisphere for a long time as a point of reference. However, Ecuador is in the Southern Hemisphere where the Southern Cross constellation dominates.

In addition to the five white dots on the base of the pyramid, there were also ancient writings, which in translation mean “The Son of the Creator is coming.”

It appears that the pyramids were constructed by a civilization of which we have no knowledge. This civilization was so powerful, it spread its influence across the globe.

Perhaps the study of its traces – the pyramids themselves – will help to learn more about this mysterious precivilization. How do you go about doing that? They are very well understood from the outside but it is not clear what their inner structure is.

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