The 9,500-Year-Old Ancient Lost City of Dwarka Was Destroyed by An Unknown Force or Ancient Vimanas

In case you didn’t know, one of the most successful towns in history has been reported lost from the dawn of time. The lost city of Dwarka, also known as the Golden City in ancient writings, is considered one of history’s biggest losses to this day. However, according to a slew of experts, this may no longer be the case.

While scanning the Gulf of Cambay from India, the team of scientists discovered submerged structures at the bottom of the Gulf that closely resembled the mythological place.

The discovery was made in 2002 at a depth of about 130 meters below sea level. The city was built as a place of adoration for the ancient Hindu god Krishna.

When the city was still inhabited, the God Krishna himself would stroll among his devotees and guide them, according to most ancient books.

The city has also purportedly been drowned seven times, including the most recent occurrence.

It dates back to 7,500 BC, making it a 9,500-year-old city. To say the least, one of the best discoveries of the twenty-first century.


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