The 4 Prehistoric Civilizations That Existed On Earth Before The Human Race

Ernst Rifgatovich Muldashev is a renowned surgeon and a strong believer in the theory that we were not the first ancient civilization to live on Earth.

He has a lot of proof backing him up too. He believes that they were all far more advanced than humanity is as of today.

The first of the few is the Asuras, also known as the Natives.

They originally came from the planet Phaethon and they were huge, ranging in at 165 feet and living around 10 thousand years each. They communicated through telepathy and lived on our planet around 10 million years ago.

After some time passed, the Atlanteans came onboard.

These were the natural progression from the Asuras. They shrunk down and had no need for a skeleton anymore so they discarded it altogether. They were extremely smart, having the third eye opened for the first time.

The Lemurians soon followed.

They are believed to be the true builders of the Sphinx and are believed to have come into being after the extinction of the Atlanteans. They had skeletons and different sexes too, with a third eye resting on their forehead too. They were 26 feet tall or so and lived up to 1,000 years old.

Borei was extremely similar to the human race.

They caused the nuclear war which happened around 25,000 years ago. They ranged at 13 feet tall and were extremely smart.

The Aryans followed after this nuclear war which pretty much reset the whole timeline. According to Ernst, Aryans are our own ancestors and the direct continuation after the Borei. They lived on Earth around 12 thousand years ago.

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