Sunken City and Several Pyramid-Shaped Structures Discovered in China

Several new buildings have been discovered in the Fuxian Lake in China which completely took the world by surprise. The science community has been shaking to its very core by this discovery as what it entails is simply impossible, to say the least.

They are not your average constructions, as the many carvings on the walls of these buildings prove that they were meant for a lot more than they appear to be. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the beginning.

The discovery of the Yuyuan city is what caused all of this commotion. According to most experts, it was officially started back during the Western Han Dynasty, which took place around 206 BC – 24 AD.
Nobody knows why or how the city ended up completely submerged underwater, but what we do know is that it now lies at the bottom of the Fuxian lake.

Inside of this city, it appears as though a pyramid-shaped building was uncovered. The reason as to why we started it as a pyramid-shaped building and not a normal pyramid is because it is way more complex than any other pyramid out there.

When people think of pyramids, they think of them as the ancient Egyptian’s depiction of pyramids, but as it turns out, this may very well be different from every point of view except external.

What made this discovery especially strange is the discovery of drawings of the Sun and other such astrological elements on it. Carvings of masks that date back to 18,000 years ago make this whole discovery out of this world, to say the least.

What could it all mean? What could the Sun have to do with the masks and more importantly, how did the whole city get submerged in ancient times? These are the questions that we have for you today, thank you for reading.


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