Strange Unidentified Object, Similar To A Spaceship Was Filmed On The Sun For Months Already

An unusual anomaly near the Sun has been noticed, and it appears to have gotten increasingly common in recent months.

The anomaly might be caused by camera malfunctions, plasma ejections, or a solid item. It’s not difficult to believe, given that we’ve seen several of those objects in movies captured by sun-monitoring sensors.

This oddity, on the other hand, looks suspiciously like a spaceship. It has also been there for some months. Scott Waring revealed the abnormality on his own website. Waring first spotted the abnormality a few weeks ago and has been studying it ever since. According to Waring, the object must be far colder than the Sun’s surface due to its black tint.

But who is capable of accomplishing this? Is it possible that we’re dealing with alien technology? Such materials would be heat resistant for aliens with technology millions of years ahead of ours.

If the object turns out to be a ship, it is nearly as large as our moon. Take a look at the video below for additional information, and don’t forget to let us know what you think.


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