Strange “Out-Of-Place” Artifact Discovered In The Ancient Sumerian City Of Uruk

A mysterious statue was discovered in the ancient Sumerian city of Uruk which is now located in modern Iraq. You can find the statue yourself in the Pergamon Museum from Germany, but there is an obviously strange factor to this statue that we need to cover before we get into anything else.

Why is this statue inside of a sphere? No other statues were ever discovered to be placed in spheres before so this is definitely one of the strangest discoveries that we’ve ever come across regarding Sumerians and their ancient civilization.

The city of Uruk had reached its peak in the third millennium BC which is also when the statue is believed to have been constructed during.

The tour guide will tell you that nobody knows why this was done in the first place, but theorists around the globe believe to hold the answer yet again.

The general consensus is that this is a representation of an Ancient Astronaut and that the sphere is either his spaceship or his space pod that he came in.

Most experts agree that the face is also very similar to their depiction of the ancient Anunnaki, which is the race of aliens that the civilization worshipped in ancient times.

Do you think that this is a direct representation of the ancient Anunnaki, or perhaps it represents their own attempt at going to outer space? What do you think?

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