Strange “Book of Giants” Discovered in Qumran

If you’ve been following the archaeological scene for a while now then you most definitely are no stranger to the Book of Giants, but just in case you’re not as into the fascinating world of archeology then let’s start with the basics. About 50 years ago the Book of the Giants was discovered. This book featured an antediluvian narrative that has been hunted down by researchers and adventures for a very long time now.

It talks about the tale of a character known simply as Mani, and according to experts, this was one of the most important bits of literature for the old Manikin civilization.

With time more and more of these texts were discovered, further completing the story of Mani into the land of the giants. It tells the tale of the ancient race of giants which in the book are generally referred to as the “wild people” and throughout his journey, Mani goes through many perilous adventures.

It talks about the birth of the immortal giants of earth, about how they appeared when the sons of Gods spread their genes amongst the world of man, about how destructive they were as a race, and how this fact alone caused God to banish the giants into the land of the dead. This is actually the first discovery that refers to these giants which actually led to a pretty widely accepted set of beliefs regarding how these giants left their marks on our current world.


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