Strange Artifact Was Recently Discovered Hidden Inside Stone – Ancient High-Tech Artifact?

We’ve uncovered plenty of “out of place artifacts” in Paman, but the sad reality that we live in is that these will never make it to the light of day because of how controversial they really are. Most of these will only get the recognition they deserve online, from fellow theorists all around the globe, as the mass media will never risk breaking its ties with its rulers.

Such is the case for today’s discovery which science itself cannot explain. This strange rock was discovered inside of the village of Sarakseevo from Moscow a long time ago, but it was kept hidden for undisclosed reasons until 2009 came around.

Many believe that it was originally used as building materials, but as you look inside you can clearly see yet another structure popping out.

Was it placed there on purpose or perhaps the rock itself enveloped the artifact from inside with time?

Several similar artifacts have been discovered with time in Russia, like for example the 300-million-year-old screw that was officially reported from the Kaluga region.

As you may have guessed by now, this one also didn’t have an official creator. As things are progressing about now, it’s becoming more and more obvious that even if we were to find out who created them in the first place, chances are that we will not actually get a chance to report it properly as someone will quickly make the artifact disappear yet again.

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