Strange Ancient Pyramid Hidden in Antarctica Found by History Channel

If you love the concept of hearing unbiased reports regarding aliens then go right ahead and check out History Channel’s original show known as Ancient Aliens.

Not only are they extremely good at explaining their findings, but they are also very talented as a whole, as their crew recently made quite the discovery themselves while examining Antarctica through Google Earth.

This is where they came across a colossal pyramid of some kind right underneath the snows of Antarctica.

Joseph White is the one we need to thank for this as he was the first to see it on the camera. Soon after though all of his colleagues began to confirm his discovery to the point where it became clear that they had to add this to a new episode.

It appears to be yet another ancient pyramid of some sort, similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza itself, only that this one is far older than that one.

Joseph even stated that this pyramid could actually date back to 12 million years ago overall, as this would be the case if it were to have been built during the time period when Antarctica wasn’t a frozen desolate land but a fruitful jungle.

If you wish to find out more about this incredible discovery feel free to check out the following video as he does what he does best, explaining alien and UFO information to the general public perfectly so that everyone can understand what he’s talking about.

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