Strange Ancient Hole Baffles Scientific Community – Nobody Can’t Explain How It Was Made

Some of the greatest mysteries in modern science are the strange antique objects, the presence of which defies everything we learn in school about history. Such artifacts should simply not exist.

People in ancient times lacked the technology to produce such items. This is likewise true of a mysterious hole in the stone. It’s improbable that ancient people possessed the means to carve such a precise hole in the stone.

A flawless hole in a stone with a distinctive star form and a depth of 4 meters was discovered in the Norwegian city of Volda. A hole of this size could only be produced using cutting-edge technology.

If we think about it, the star form makes this stone hole considerably more difficult to build because if anything simple had been utilized, the result would have been a circle rather than a star.

At first look, this discovery appears to provide more proof for the hypothesis of Ancient Aliens, who have been visiting our planet since ancient times. Similar holes in stone can be seen all over the world.

One example is Puma Punku, where many megalithic stones reveal signs of high technology utilization.

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