Strange Alien Antenna Discovered On Sea Floor In Antarctica

Antarctica, one of the world’s most fascinating continents, is home to one of the world’s largest and driest deserts, totaling around 5.5 million square miles.

If there was someplace on the planet where crashed, preserved old alien technologies might still be unearthed, it would be here.

An unspoiled landscape that could be the final resting place of unrecovered treasures that have been stuck there since the beginning of time.

The deep seas that encircle Antarctica, for example, are among the most difficult and unforgiving settings to explore anyplace on the planet.

Our next find was made far away from the contemporary world, deep inside the freezing, pitch-black waters of this gigantic block of ice.

An out-of-place item that is still at the bottom of the sea.

We might not have discovered the Eltanin Antenna if it hadn’t been for the raw strength of the roughly 2000 tonne icebreaking vessel known as the Eltanin.

Originally a cargo-carrying icebreaker for the US Navy, she was reclassified as an Oceanographic Research Ship in 1962 and became the world’s first dedicated Antarctic research vessel.

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