Secret Key Behind Sphinx’s Ear – The Life on Earth Will Change When It Will Be Unlocked

Despite the fact that no discoveries have been made until recently, people have always had a sneaky suspicion regarding the importance of the Sphinx and the secrets that lie within it.

The discovery that we’re talking about is quite simple but at the same time, it could change life on Earth as we know it.

Basically, if you look closely at the Sphinx’s ear, right below it to be precise, you can clearly see a secret keyhole hidden in plain sight.

Kipriyanovich Boriska, the young Russian prodigy that was able to read newspapers at 1 year old claimed to have been reincarnated already and that he used to live on Mars in his previous life.

According to him, life on Mars ceased to exist because people wouldn’t listen to him when he told them the truth.

He stated that whatever is behind the Sphinx’s ear is the secret to our demise, it is our only way to stop this from ever happening.

After he claimed all of this to be real he came out with apparent amnesia, either caused by the sudden loss of information from his past life which might be the work of the universe itself or the product of induced amnesia by the hands of someone that didn’t want us to know the truth after all.


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