Scientist Invents a Very Interesting Device To See Multidimensional Beings

Daniel Nemes is a scientist and inventor who has always been interested in science and astronomy.

Daniel has long claimed to have technology capable of capturing or recording multidimensional creatures. He became interested in multidimensional matters after reading an article about Dark Matter.

Later, his fascination led him to develop a device capable of capturing multidimensional entities via mathematical procedures.

Daniel Nemes was aware of the availability of technologies such as black light, infrared, ultraviolet, and others, but he desired more, so he built a superior one capable of capturing and photographing things that no one and nothing had previously been able to capture. This technology was given the term “Energivision” by him.

As you could expect, large corporations like as NASA would go to great lengths to obtain this technology. Nonetheless, despite his efforts to make the whole scientific world aware of its construction, Daniel has no plans to publicly unveil it.

At the same time, according to Daniel, the media has repeatedly hushed his work, as well as the photographs and evidence that he was able to capture with that technology.

Watch the video below for a highly informative introduction. Finally, it tells the narrative of Daniel Nemes.


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