Russian UFO Expert Claim He Knows How UFOs Are Actually Travelling The Universe

Traveling faster than the speed of light is an unavoidable desire for the human species, which strives to spread over the cosmos.

However, when contrasted to the vast expanses of the universe, light moves very slowly: Earthlings would have to wait more than four years for a ship traveling at the speed of light to reach the nearest stars, and 25,000 years to reach the nearest galaxy, Canis Major Dwarf.

Civilizations that lack the technology to travel across space by enclosing their spacecraft in electromagnetic fields are unable to enter the solar system.

In an interview with FAN, Valery Uvarov, Director of the International Information Center for Ufological Research, discussed this.

Valery Uvarov described how, in his perspective, brothers in mind move in space, outpacing us in development.

“Those civilizations who have mastered flying on a specific type of spacecraft, which we see in the sky and have dubbed UFOs so far, use a tremendous electromagnetic field to navigate in space,” he explained.

“With its assistance, a passage is established between gaps, and a so-called step is taken, yet they do not even go ahead.”

“Civilizations that lack such technology and travel linearly from point A to point B cannot exist in our solar system,” the researcher added.

“Electromagnetic propulsion has the potential to propel a spaceship further and quicker into space than any other propulsion system known to man.”

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