Researchers Found Alien Anunnaki Genes In Aboriginals DNA

A group of experts discovered that people in Melanesia have some unusual genes in their DNA after conducting an extensive examination. Some experts assume that these genes, which are yet unknown, are derived from a previously unknown species of humanoid.

According to Ryan Bohlender, the researcher, these genes do not belong to any recognized species, such as Neanderthals or Denisovans.

These genes were passed down from distinct species. The true history of human civilization appears to be far more complex than previously imagined.

The most recent research indicates that we are not who we think we are. This discovery is intimately tied to the theory of ancient astronauts, specifically the Anunnaki Gods, who were humanoid extraterrestrial beings who are thought to have created the human species through genetic engineering.

The Anunnaki appear to have arrived on our planet and settled in Mesopotamia, giving rise to Sumerian civilization and the human race.

You may learn more about this discovery by watching the video below:

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