Researchers Are Scratching Their Heads After the Discovery of a 290-Million-Year-Old Human Footprint

Ask any historian nowadays and they will all tell you the same thing: Humanity dates back to a couple of million years ago, with the real “revelation” happening about 6,000 years ago when intelligent civilizations just “sprung” out of nowhere.

They will always regurgitate the same overused lines and ignore all of the facts, as there’s a lot more proof out there than ever before to say the least that they’re wrong.

Take for example this 290-million-year-old human footprint which was uncovered back in 1987 by the famous archaeologist Jerry MacDonald. The discovery happened in New Mexico entirely by accident as he wasn’t there for the footprint but for the marks of birds that were in the same general area.

After spotting the strange footprint however he decided to study it further and to his surprise it dated all the way back to 290 to 248 million years ago aka around the Permian strata time period.

Just so you know, even dinosaurs weren’t around during that time period so this alone is unheard of, to say the least.

Although historians will not accept it, this is by far one of the greatest proofs of the true hidden history that the world has been kept away from for the longest time now.

So, what else is a lie? Can we even trust anything anymore? It seems as though we can’t as more and more information similar to this is surfacing up now as experts we appear to be getting closer and closer to the truth than ever before.

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