Proofs That We Are Not the 1st Civilization on This Planet and Presumably Not the Last

The following artifacts all appear to suggest the fact that we do not live in a world that we fully comprehend as of yet. As far as we know we do not even know the planet we reside on, let alone the world itself.

The many different artifacts we’ve come across so far, all point towards ancient civilizations having been very technologically advanced, to say the least. For example, we have proof of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Hyperborea being real after all.

Take for example the special rocks that were discovered all over Klerksdorp in South Africa.

All of the different shapes, sizes, and materials that were used to create their point towards them being artificial.

They also date back to over 3 billion years ago so whoever created them in the first place had advanced technology over 3 billion years ago, to say the least.

If that’s not enough to convince you how about the following artifacts which were discovered in the 19th century around Dorchester County of Massachusetts.

This metal vase appears to date back to several billion years ago and it is made out of zinc alloy alongside a large proportion of silver in its composition.

The following footprints also appear to date back to well over 500 million years ago, and they are not the only of their kind.

We also have this second footprint which John Reid from Nevada discovered a while back. They date back to over 300 million years ago.

We have this small artifact that appears to have been made out of crystalline moissanite grains in the partisan region of Primorye.

Even to this day creating crystalline moissanite is extremely difficult, so this is definitely quite an incredible discovery, to say the least.

This iron pot also appears to date back to over 300 million years ago, as it was originally discovered in Oklahoma back in 1912.

This imprint right here dates back to 110 million years ago and it was originally discovered in Glen Rose, Texas.

Last but not least we have this 100-million-year-old petrified human finger.

It was originally discovered in the Axel-Heiberg Island from the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and it completely shattered the historian’s view of the world as they believe that humankind only goes back to 10-12 million years ago or so.

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