Professor Yuval Harari Fears That AI Will “Hack” Human Beings

According to, Yuval Harari, internationally recognized social philosopher and bestselling book of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humanity, cautions that humanity must take care of effective AI control or giant corporations would be able to “hack” humans.

According to Harari, the rapid growth of AI has the potential to create a population of “hacked” humans, those about whom corporations know everything and can manipulate their will.

The development of technology corporations, whose businesses amass massive amounts of data about their users, is at the root of the problem.

Harari is concerned that citizens are increasingly providing firms with information about their personal lives without regard for their own interests.

“Netflix tells you what to watch, and Amazon tells you what to buy,” the author explained in an interview.

“Look, such programs will show us what to learn in schools and universities, who to work with, who to marry, and who to vote for in elections after a couple of decades.”

Harari asks that AI concerns be taken seriously, that severe controls be imposed, and that information not be used to manipulate society.

Furthermore, an array of data cannot be kept in a single repository. This, according to Harari, will result in a dictatorship.

“Certainly, we are now at a situation where global cooperation is required.” “You can’t control the explosive force of artificial intelligence on a national scale,” Harari adds.

“One important rule is that if you obtain my data, you must utilize it to assist me rather than manipulate me.” Another important criterion is that if you enhance surveillance of individuals, you should also increase surveillance of corporations, governments, and those at the top. The third guideline is to never allow all data to be concentrated in one location. That’s the makings of a dictatorship.”

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