Priest Discovers An Ancient Golden Library Made by Giants Inside a Cave in Ecuador

Not more than two years ago, we discussed a discovery in Ecuador that some thought was a hoax. The discovery made by a man named Crespi has been thoroughly researched and documented. The find included a metallic extraterrestrial library containing hundreds of sheets of gold, platinum, and other precious metals. Cueva de Los Tayos is the name of the cave where all of these artefacts and artifacts were discovered.

As previously said, the Ecuadorian authorities disputed this discovery, but the fact is that the Ecuadorian and United Kingdom governments supported an intensive search of these caves, and it also drew the attention of many people who traveled to these caves.

Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the Moon, was one of those people.

The purpose of the film you are about to watch is to show the enormous tunnels of the caves, which were presumably created by man.

If this turns out to be accurate, it will completely reveal all of the errors and inconsistencies in our origins and history.

Because these tunnels are massive and almost never-ending, the cave has not been investigated and explored in its entirety, but what we have seen thus far is quite magnificent.

Why would someone build such a large network of caves?

Now, it appears that these caverns were undoubtedly created by humans. But the question now is, who and when was tasked with developing such a complicated system?

If you don’t have anything to hide from, why build something so deep within the Earth? Regardless, these caverns continue to be a source of fascination for many academics and investigators.

Check out the video below for more information and let us know what you think.


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