Prehistoric Giant Skeletons Of A Human And A Snake Discovered In Thailand? Or It’s Just A Modern Hoax? (video)

As the title suggests, this discovery came about during the excavations of the local Khao Khanap Nam Cave from Thailand. The skeleton here is clearly that of a Giant male as it is over 20 feet in height. Around the body the team that made the discovery also spotted a huge serpent’s remains too.

This was first reported by the KBTV news channel which stated that in the Krabi region multiple other archaeological discoveries were made, including the world’s first primate known as Simaopithecus Eocaeunus.

The 35-million-year-old fossil may not be directly related to us but it is still a very interesting discovery, to say the least.

The Giant’s discovery however seems to point elsewhere, at the local legend of the Nagas to be precise. This story is about two men that both want to marry the same princess, so they both ask the mysterious serpent people, the Nagas, to help them duke it out.

The Nagas were masters of sorcery so they turned one into a Giant and the other into a Giant Snake. The two fought to the death and were never heard from again.

Many believe that the underground cities of Patala and Bhogavati must be somewhere nearby too, as they are the ancient cities that the Nagas would live in.

Note: We remain skeptical regarding this discovery to say the least, as the skeletons that they came across are way too perfect in the first place, so we believe they are a modern hoax.

What do you think though? Watch the following video.


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