Police Dash Cam Records An Officer Being Turned Into Ash After Being Hit by a Strange Bright Light

The video below was recently uploaded on YouTube, and the uploader stated that he discovered it on the Dark Web. As you are aware, not everyone has access to the Dark Web.

The film appears to have been put on the Dark Web for the first time by a user going by the handle “Ikowthings.” That’s a rather ominous name. The uploader also included a brief description of the video, stating that it belongs to the Pentagon and is classified as Top-Secret.

It is likely that this footage was discovered through one of the many computer attacks carried out by hackers. The film shows how everything is captured by a police dashcam. At one point, the cop approaches a halted car when an unexpected thing occurs.

A powerful flash of light appears out of nowhere and strikes the police officer, transforming him into something resembling ash. The driver probably fled the scene, terrified. The location of this strange occurrence has not yet been made public.

We’re not sure if this is true or a scam, but it’s entertaining to watch.

Check out the video below to see for yourself:

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