Over 30 Advanced Alien Civilizations May Exist In Our Galaxy Alone

Scientists believe there are more than 30 alien civilizations on faraway worlds with which humans may communicate.

According to a study undertaken by a group of experts from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, 36 extraterrestrial civilizations can be reached in our galaxy. The Astrophysical Journal reported the findings of the investigation.

The scientists, led by astrophysics professor Christopher Conselice, arrived at this conclusion because they believe intelligent life forms on other worlds in the same way it does on Earth.

“Our findings demonstrate that looking for extraterrestrial intelligent civilizations not only exposes information about how life is produced, but also provides clues about how long our civilization will last,” Conselice added.

“Our new research implies that searches for extraterrestrial intelligent civilizations not only reveal the existence of how life forms, but also provide indications for how long our own civilization will last,” Professor Conselice continues.

“Finding intelligent life is prevalent would indicate that our civilisation may last far longer than a few hundred years; conversely, finding no active civilizations in our Galaxy would be a negative omen for our own long-term survival. We are finding our own future and fate by seeking for extraterrestrial intelligent life, even if we find nothing.”

Astrophysicists began their research with the “Copernican principle,” which is based on a philosophical idea utilized in astronomy and assumes that the Earth is not the only planet in the Universe where life can exist.

Furthermore, scientists used the Drake equation, which considers seven criteria necessary for the development of intelligent life on another planet, including the star and a planet orbiting it with favorable conditions for life.

Scientists have calculated that there are approximately 36 technologically advanced civilizations in the Milky Way, based on mathematical models.

The researchers also factored in the fact that forming intelligent life on other planets will take at least 5 billion years, or almost the same amount of time as on Earth.

As a result, astrophysicists are confident that there should be at least a few dozen functioning sentient civilizations in our galaxy.

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