Origin Of Humankind – The Greatest Historical Cover-Up

The official history of mankind has become a true religion with a doctrine from which you are silenced if you depart. The Catholic Church and Islam, of course, aim to keep us in ignorance and mislead us with the threat of God, who punishes us if we do not accept their orthodoxy.

Unfortunately, this historical orthodoxy is taught in schools solely to instill lies in the minds of the younger generations, allowing manipulators to more easily manipulate them. Governments are the first to reap the benefits of our ignorance. Why don’t we hear more voices of intellectuals, historians, and archaeologists challenging this dogma?

Since, with a few exceptions, all scientists, historians, and archaeologists are paid by governmental groups, and no one is willing to reveal the truth that does not suit governments, because, as you say, you risk losing your job, being ridiculed, and having your career ruined.

Even though it is obvious that mankind is considerably older than the Holy Bible claims, the official history of mankind is always modified to suit with Holy Bible events. Governments are worthy adversaries for folks like us and scholars who discover archeological relics that do not fit into official ideology.

We are grateful to the journalists at Nexus Magazine in Spain for bringing this critical situation to light.

In 1993, NBC aired a program called Mysteries of the Sphinx, which demonstrated geological evidence indicating the Sphinx is far older than the pyramids. The water erosion controversy arose as a result of this evidence, which was based on the erosion of water at the base of the sphinx.

Dr. Robert Schoch, a geologist, received this water erosion evidence from Egyptologist John Anthony West. Schoch confirmed that the Sphinx predates the pyramids.

Many researchers from many sectors of activity reached the same conclusion as West and officially declared their findings after examining the Sphinx and the erosion on which it was exposed, but the institution attacked.

Dr. Zahi Hawass and other dogmatic egologists launched a barrage of accusations against these researchers and their non-dogmatic findings. Dr. Mark Lehner, one of the top Egyptologists, has joined the fray, openly claiming that West and Schoch are dumb and uninformed.

This campaign of denigration and humiliation of non-dogmatic scholars has finally succeeded in suppressing other researchers who might have wanted to express their opinions or defend West and Schoch. Unfortunately, intellectual murder is still a frequent practice in academia today. The irony is that all of these dogmatic academics are employed by various governments.

Author Michael Cremo is another victim of intellectual assassination and disgrace. Cremo investigates various items in his book “Forbidden Archeology” that provide irrefutable evidence that human civilization is considerably older than the scientific establishment believes. The Mysterious Origin of Man, based on Cremo’s book, was produced by NBC in 1996, and the science community was outraged.

NBC has been inundated with emails from scientists arguing that Michael Cremo is a fraud and threatening the television network with criminal charges for transmitting bogus archaeological data.

They went so far as to sue the television station, requesting that the Federal Communications Commission prohibit the episode from being rebroadcast. These are not only attempting to stifle free speech but also to suppress intellectual conversation.

Another case of intellectual suppression involves geologist Dr. Virginia Steen-McIntyre, who worked for the US Geological Survey in the 1970s. Dr. Virgina was dispatched to Mexico to date some objects at an archaeological site. This case demonstrates once again how far the scientific elite will go to preserve its orthodoxy.

Dr. McIntyre used cutting-edge measurement technology, yet the results were out of this world. The head archaeologist expected a date of roughly 25,000 years, but Dr. McIntyre’s measurements suggest a 250,000-year-old.

Virginia ran the tests numerous times to ensure there were no errors, but the findings were the same each time. The study was on the first Bering Strait crossings, and a 25,000-year dating was convenient.

When he noticed that the results of Dr. McIntyre’s measurements were not what he expected, the chief archaeologist ordered her to change the results, which meant forging them with the value of 25,000 years, but she refused. That is why Dr. McIntyre lost her position and is no longer able to publish his findings.

Such blatant injustices and violations of the freedom of free speech and independent thought from the dogmatic systems that are imposed on us today compel us to disseminate such things to aid in the search for the truth.


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