Nobel Prize Winner And Co-Founder Of DNA Molecule Claims That Our Genes Have Alien Origin

Francis Crick is one of the most influential scientists of our generation and the current Nobel prize winner for having co-founded the structure of the DNA back in 1953.

You can read plenty of articles about that but what you will not see anywhere is the fact that back in 1982 he released a book on it, talking about how he believes that the DNA molecule doesn’t come from our planet after all.

His book, titled “Life Itself”, talks about the many different genomes from our genetic system, and most importantly it talks about how he believes for sure that life couldn’t have originated from our planet after all.

This theory officially emerged back in 1973, only for him to talk about it later on with his friend Leslie Orgel. According to him, we are all alive to this very day thanks to Directed Panspermia.

Many believe that he had actual proof of this but since he had a reputation to maintain he couldn’t actually release it to the general public as it could have damaged his image altogether.

His theory was supported by many individuals including the Director of the Buckingham Center for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham, Chandra Wickramasinghe himself.

Chandra released a paper on this whole theory back in 1962 as he discussed it in greater detail, talking about how this should effectively replace the old ice grain theory that the world has believed in for the longest of times.

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