Noah’s Ark Was Actually A DNA Lab And The Great Flood Was NOT Natural

In case you didn’t know already, the story that was originally depicted in the Exodus book that entails the Great Flood was actually proven real on multiple occasions so far. If you still discard it as fiction just take a gander at all 250 flooded cities at the bottom of the Black Sea.

None of them were originally built underwater, to say the least, and the great majority of them even appear to have been under construction at the time they were flooded.

But that’s not all, as similar ruins were discovered all over Peru, Scotland, Malta, and Egypt as they appear to showcase the dark history that historians do not want to tell you about.

So, we know that this Flood happened. But who caused it in the first place?

The Great Flood is discussed in the ancient text known as the Mahabharata which portrays an ancient technologically advanced world filled with flying machines and nuclear weapons which could ravage the lands with ease.

We know that this happened from the many ancient bunkers that we came across throughout the years.

Not only that, but we also came across the victims of such nuclear attacks, as the areas themselves are still radiated to this day.

Many believe that the Great Flood was a natural event but experts agree that it wasn’t after all. If Noah’s Ark really existed it would need to be a DNA lab in order to be able to recreate all life on Earth as we know it.

In order to prove this, experts underwent an experiment in 2008 on the Arctic Island of Svalbard in which they attempted to store and reform the seeds of hundreds of thousands of plants around the globe. It was a success.

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