New Study Reveals Egyptian Pyramids And Sphinx Were Submerged Thousands Of Years Ago And Predate Egyptian Civilization (video)

The Egyptian pyramids, as well as the Sphinx on the Giza plateau, are most likely much older than archaeologists believe. Ses institutions may have existed before Egyptian civilisation.

According to experts, there is strong evidence that the whole plateau has been extensively flooded in the past.

The pyramids and the sphinx may be megalithic artifacts that survived the Great Flood, according to one theory.

Experts believe that deep water saturation caused erosion in the first twenty fields of the Great Pyramid.

We really don’t know who designed the pyramids and the Sphinx, despite the fact that there are several hypotheses regarding their origins.

Perhaps the greatest mystery is not who created them, nor how humans were able to align the Giza pyramids so precisely. According to researchers, the Sphinx and the three pyramids were associated with the star Orion in the year 10.450 BC.

The most striking truth, though, is the overall degradation of the Giza plateau, which has led researchers to conclude that certain parts of the site were once buried under the sea.

For more detail, take a look at the video below.


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