Neil Armstrong: “Their Ship Was Far Superior to Ours, It Was Huge – We Were Warned”

Neil Armstrong is perhaps the most well-known astronaut in history. He was the first person to set foot on the Moon, and he became the face of NASA from that point forward.

We thought he was nothing more than a pawn for them to spout their lies about because he has been fighting against the claims that aliens are on the Moon after all.

However, he seems to have recently changed his mind, as he now claims that aliens exist and that they are much more technologically advanced than we are.

He believed that the crew of the Apollo 11 mission saw an alien race right in front of their eyes, and if that wasn’t enough to reassure you, you should know that they seemed to be thousands of years ahead of us technologically.

They didn’t want to start a war with the race because threatening them would result in us being obliterated overnight, so we decided not to visit the Moon again.

After spotting the aliens, he turned off the registered communications and switched to their private coms, which were directly connected to the higher-ups.

“Their ship was far superior to ours; it was huge, and we were cautioned against approaching them,” he said at this stage.


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