Navy Seal Military Tells The Truth Abount The Secret Mission At An Ancient Structure Buried In Antarctica

Linda Moulton Howe, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, revealed video evidence of a fresh informant explaining her top-secret assignment in a massive ancient extraterrestrial building hidden beneath the ice of Antarctica on January 23, 2018.

According to the informant, during a secret operation in 2003, he entered a gigantic octagonal-shaped building near the Beardmore glacier that extended deep into the glacier’s frozen interior.

On July 19, 2018, Howe had his first interview with the source, a retired US Navy Seal. To shield her identity, he adopted the moniker Spartan 1 in the YouTube video filmed by Howe, where his face was veiled and his voice was changed. Howe claims to have had complete control over Spartan 1, which gave him with ample paperwork to back up his military career.

Brian, a Navy flight engineer who flew multiple support flights with the Antarctic Development Squadron from 1983 to 1997, was another military informant who testified earlier. He saw a number of abnormalities that he believes point to hidden facilities or bases deep beneath the ice in Antarctica.

He claims to have observed the finding of silver flying saucers in the Transantarctic Mountains, not far from where the Navy Seal had carried out his mission, as Howe pointed out. According to the Navy Seal, ground-penetrating radar identified the building, which was an eight-sided octagon, as Howe said.

A squad of US Navy special operations personnel traveled to Antarctica in 2003 to study a flawlessly geometrical eight-sided octagonal building spotted by a penetrating radar inside the Beardmore glacier, roughly 93 miles from the American base of McMurdo.

Another group of engineers and scientists had already cut the top layer of an octagon made of a pure black material, which had been erected above two other black octagonal constructions that sank deep into the 2-mile-thick ice.

The Navy Seal (called Spartan 1) explained the launch of his operation from an aircraft carrier near the Ross Sea, west of Antarctica, in the video. He was flown to McMurdo Station, the largest American facility in Antarctica, via helicopter.

Spartan 1 recounted descending 50 feet below the ice to enter a door. He assessed the structure’s walls to be 18 to 30 feet thick (6-10 meters) and the ceiling to be 22-28 feet high (7-9 meters). The walls, ceiling, and floor, he stated, were all constructed of a black basalt stone that appeared like polished black marble.

The space was heated at around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit (20-22 degrees Celsius) and lighted from the ceiling and floor by a lime green source. He found no heating or lighting system, adding to the mystery surrounding the underground facility.

The archaeological crews only located one section of the building, according to the witness, with the rest buried beneath the ice and extending deep below. The facility was octagonal in design and encompassed 62 acres, according to ground penetrating radar (about 0.5 square kilometers).

Walls and doors covered with hieroglyphs measuring 20 cm high and 5 cm deep, according to Spartan 1. The hieroglyphics were neither Egyptian nor Maya in appearance, but they resembled both in terms of animal depictions and other bizarre symbols.

One of the emblems was very similar to the Nazi SS’s picture of the Black Sun, which was emblazoned on the floor of their headquarters at Wewelsburg Castle. Germany’s Nazi propaganda legislation continues to prohibit the depiction of the Black Sun. Spartan 1 revealed that part of his job included transporting scientists who would photograph and sketch the underground building and hieroglyphic markings.

He said that his team had to leave one of the scientists because he insisted on additional time to properly inventory what had been uncovered. According to Spartan 1, the facility was erected by a group of extraterrestrials who were involved in humanity’s genetic modification.

Spartan 1’s testimony is crucial because it gives a unique firsthand description of what was discovered within one of the subterranean structures, which dates back to antiquity. Brian, a former Antarctic eyewitness, was unable to see or explore one of the items. When Brian watched a giant hole puncture the South Pole as it soared above his head via a restricted and regulated area, he told the story.

Only two additional informants/insiders have come forward thus far to offer their stories of being taken in or witnessing ancient relics buried beneath Antarctica’s ice covers. Corey Goode and Pete Peterson are two people who claim to have seen some of the objects buried during their travels.

In early 2016 and early 2017, Goode claims to have been transported to Antarctica, where he witnessed secret bases and the ruins of an ancient civilisation buried deep beneath the ice sheets. He claims to have seen the bodies of human-alien hybrids that were created thousands of years ago as part of genetic experiments undertaken by an extraterrestrial culture with a humanoid look.

Peterson claims to have been dispatched to Antarctica on clandestine missions, where he was tasked with deciphering sophisticated technology discovered near three mother ships, one or more of which he saw during his trips. Peterson’s testimony backs up Goode’s claim of an old alien facility that served as a global civilization’s hub. This raises a number of fascinating questions.

Was the Black Sun sign a depiction of an old global civilisation in which the South Pole served as the fulcrum, with spirals leading to distant colonies? I show proof in my book, The Hidden History of Antarctica, that German nationalists who utilize the black sun as a symbol have formed a colony in Antarctica.

The structure seen by Spartan 1 dates back to 33 million years ago, according to Howe’s study, which is the typical period provided by conventional geologists for when Antarctica was ice-free. Spartan 1’s independent testimony corroborates key aspects of what Goode and Peterson detailed, as well as what others think is concealed beneath the frozen continent.

As Spartan 1’s testimony is made public as part of Howe’s video series, we will be able to learn more about what lies beneath the Antarctic polar ice caps.


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