NASA’s Showed Us This Strange Photo Of An Unidentified Object On Mars

One of the greatest mysteries in one of the photographs taken by the Curiosity rover is the presence of a strange item perched on a rock on Mars. The shot was taken in the year 1969. It can be examined by anybody and they will be amazed.

There has been a debate in recent years between people who believe that almost everything NASA does is phony and those who believe that NASA has gone beyond what it reveals.

Those who argue that the photographs released by Curiosity are images from Canada, Devon, are mistaken. Marcelo Irazusta, a biologist, recently stunned everyone when he discovered a purported bird in one of his photographs.

The story was promptly picked up by several international media outlets. This discussion has now been extended by this new revelation. In addition, an odd drawing can be seen in the middle of that unusual thing. The form of the item in the middle resembles a leaf from the Canadian flag.

Will we be witness to conclusive confirmation of NASA’s deception, or will it be another strange occurrence with no explanation?

It would be wonderful to hear your opinions and know that you are able to share this information. The picture is studied in the video below.


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