NASA’s 1$ Billion Space Probe Sent Back Some Stunning Images of Jupiter

Many of you must already know about NASA’s incredible invention named Juno. It is a thing of beauty, to say the least, as despite its rather expensive price tag it is worth every single penny of the $1 billion that the company has had to garner up for it.

In case you don’t know about it, it’s pretty simple. NASA has worked on it for quite a while to create the perfect space drone to get the best pictures of other planets that we can, and Juno was specifically built to take pictures of the gas giant itself, Jupiter.

On October 24th it returned with what appears to be some of the greatest pictures you’ll ever see. Despite the fact that it did slack off a little bit in outer space because of an issue with the Sun, it eventually returned after spending an extra few weeks airborne.

As you can tell, the first picture showcases the North Pole of Jupiter.

The massive clouds that surround it are just incredible, to say the least, and the colors are just out of this world, both literally and figuratively.

During its expedition time, the $1 billion drones actually managed to break new records too, as it was able to become the fastest human-made object in the world in a matter of minutes, reaching speeds of up to 130,000 miles per hour.

Without a doubt, these pictures are some of the best we’ve ever gotten of any planet out there.

You can see these storms yourself in all of their might. These storms are so powerful and massive that they could literally eat up Earth in a millisecond.

The craters on the planet look like faces, although many argue that this is just a trick of the light.

The belts that surround the planet are often times connecting with one another, unleashing powerful storms that demolish everything in their path.

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