NASA Tried To HIDE a 3 MILE UFO – They Called It a Meteor Over Bering Sea

NASA is attempting to conceal the presence of this 3-5 mile long UFO by claiming that the explosion was caused by a meteor that collided with the water this week over the Bering Sea.

They couldn’t think of a better reason for this massive UFO flying over the ocean.

According to Yahoo News:

“The blast would produce roughly 173 kilotons of energy, more than ten times the energy released by the atomic bomb over Hiroshima during World War II.”

It indicates that a 30-60 mile radius explosion should be seen, but it isn’t. It doesn’t appear to be an explosion! It seems to be a three-mile UFO.

Because the massive UFO was visible on global radars and weather satellites, they made up the explanation that it was a meteor.

Isn’t it true that a meteor traveling through the atmosphere at such a high speed would leave a trail, heating up the air?

If we send ships there to explore, I’m confident that as we approach the place, the instruments will go berserk and malfunction until we depart.


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