NASA Telescopes Discovered an Incredible CROSS Structure Right In Center Of The Galaxy

NASA has released these remarkable photographs of our galaxy’s nucleus.

These stunning photos, which are just mind-boggling, demonstrate that the center of our galaxy is a massive cross-shaped structure.

The Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Planetary Camera obtained these photographs. The formation forms in the middle of the Whirlwind Galaxy, known as M51A.

According to NASA, this strange cross-shaped structure at the heart of the Galaxy was created by the mass absorption of dust and marks the approximate location of a massive black hole, which is thought to have a mass equal to 1 million stars of similar weight to our Sun.

Furthermore, NASA claims that the darkest bar of the cross structure is a massive dust ring 100 light-years in diameter.

NASA has revealed that the image captured is only 1100 light-years across, representing only a small portion of the vast and dynamic galaxy.

Do you still believe that we are the only ones in the Universe?


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