NASA Spacecraft Filmed Remnants of a Strange Ancient City on Mars

It’s no secret that there are several formations in our solar system that don’t appear to have formed naturally. On Mars, for example, there are several structures that resemble the architecture found on Earth.

Many of you are certainly familiar with Mars’ Pyramid Valley, but there are other lesser-known formations that show the existence of an intelligent civilisation that built these structures.

On Mars, there is a valley called Pyramid Valley.

The photographs obtained by Viking 1 on the surface of Mars in 1976 generated a sensation in the scientific world. Some academics believe that these buildings represent the remnants of the past people of Mars, while others disagree.

On Mars, the ruins of an ancient city.

The newest discoveries demonstrate that the pyramids on Mars’ surface comprise an interplanetary or possibly intergalactic communication system driven by Nikola Tesla’s “standing waves.” However, while we have enough evidence to link these spots, we still don’t know who created them.

As more people want to know the truth, NASA has altered the majority of the photographs to make the formations appear more natural rather than manufactured.

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