NASA Released Pics of Alien Towers From Mars and Censored Them Soon After

A series of images taken on Mars recently revealed alien towers on the planet’s surface. The concern is that NASA is still aware of their presence, which could indicate that they are attempting to suppress their existence for whatever reason.

Jose Luis Camacho first discovered these pillars in 1999, and each of them is at least 3500-5000 feet tall, according to him.

If you didn’t realize it already, this means that these Martian Towers will be twice the size of the largest structures ever built by mankind.

This could be due to the fact that the gravity on Mars has changed, causing the colonists to build their structures higher up to provide more stability.

These towers were first discovered in a region known as Terra Meridiani, which was the first area where NASA decided to move the rover.

If this hasn’t been updated at all and is actually evidence of alien operation, it will allow for the discovery of conclusive proof of alien life on Mars and, in particular, NASA’s concealment of the facts.

As previously stated, NASA made these images completely disappear shortly after their discovery, possibly to hide the facts. However, this is additional evidence that supports the theory that there is life on Mars after all.


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