NASA Released Photos of Strange Alien Towers Spotted On Mars and Censored Them Soon After

A series of photographs obtained on Mars has indicated the presence of extraterrestrial skyscrapers on the planet’s surface. The problem is that NASA is still aware of their presence, which might imply that they are seeking to conceal their existence for whatever purpose.

According to Jose Luis Camacho, who found these pillars in 1999, each one is at least 3500-5000 feet tall.

If you haven’t already guessed, this means that these Martian Towers will be double the size of the biggest structures ever created by humans.

This might be because Mars’ gravity has altered, leading colonists to erect their structures higher up to give greater stability.

These towers were discovered in the Terra Meridiani region, which was the initial location where NASA planned to relocate the rover.

If this hasn’t been updated at all and is genuine evidence of extraterrestrial operation, it will enable the finding of convincing proof of alien life on Mars, as well as NASA’s suppression of the truth.

As previously indicated, NASA deleted these photographs immediately after they were discovered, presumably to conceal the truth. This, however, is more evidence that supports the hypothesis that there is, in fact, life on Mars.


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