NASA Own Photos Showing Huge Entrances to Underground Bases on Mars

Multiple ufologists and scholars believe that there are many access doors leading to underground constructions on Mars.

Are these alien bases or possibly human colonies?

Rover Curiosity provided the photographs that you are about to see. These “doors” are clearly visible and appear to represent points of access to undiscovered constructions.

One of these structures could be the enigmatic “anomaly” observed by the Curiosity rover a while ago. A dome-shaped object can be seen in one of the photographs, visible in the background.

There may be apertures or windows under that dome, according to conjecture. Perhaps some alien relics or a portal to a subterranean base?

NASA appears to have attempted to find explanations for the bizarre artifacts spotted on Mars’ surface.


The Skywatcher Dahboo777 has questioned NASA’s stance, as have skeptics who favor the corporation’s program.

They are continually attempting to conceal the truth about extraterrestrials and UFOs on Mars, inventing grounds to reject all extraterrestrial visits to Earth and other planets in the Solar System.


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