NASA Made Public This 4K Video Of The Moon – This Could Be The End Of The Moon Landing Conspiracy!

NASA just launched a 4K virtual tour of the Moon, allowing the general public to see the Earth’s natural satellite up and personal.

Images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite were used to create the movie. It also comes seven years after NASA’s initial release and includes both the original imagery and fresh footage of the lunar surface.

The video tour may be easily zoomed in on several noteworthy locations, allowing the spectator to enjoy the lunar landscape’s diversity and variability.

Some of the locations will be recognizable to both professional and amateur astronomers, while others will be unfamiliar to them since they are on the “dark side” of the Moon.

The Tycho Crater is one of the most incredible sights to view.

The origins of this crater extend back over a hundred million years, and it boasts a 100-meter-wide rock at its peak, which remains a mystery to most scientists and professionals who research occurrences on the Moon’s surface.

The Taurus-Littrow Valley, which is deeper than the Grand Canyon, is another sight to behold. It was also where the Apollo 17 landed, in case you didn’t know. The video tracks the astronauts’ journey throughout their mission.

Many individuals believe that NASA is using this video tour to refute allegations that the 1972 Moon landing was a hoax.

Take a peek at the video to see how it’s done.


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