NASA Found a Strange Giant Structure On Saturn’s Moon – It Shouldn’t Be There

Titan’s North Polar Seas are truly massive constructions left behind by a highly evolved alien civilisation, likely the Anunnaki.

These stunning photographs have been created in color for greater clarity. In the video below, we can clearly see a city complex-tower and a massive building that is around 300 miles long.

Let’s find out more about Titan.

Titan is Saturn’s Moon, and it is one of our Solar System’s most well-known satellites. Nonetheless, something peculiar has lately been uncovered in regard to it.

According to current research, Titan has a massive ice belt near its equator. The majority of Titan’s surface is entirely frozen, but a large portion of it is covered in an organic substance that falls from the sky.

At the same time, this satellite’s atmosphere is dense with organic compounds, making it much more difficult for scientists to investigate its surface.

Along with the ice belt, geologists discovered Doom Mons, a large peak named after Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings. However, these places in particular have been investigated for a long time for indicators of cryovolcanism.

One of the many explanations for the existence of the ice on the belt is that it represented Titan in the past, as its structure and composition, as well as its behavior, were considerably different from what it is now.

This discovery is significant because it allows scientists to not only determine how Titan was in the past, but also to understand more about the history of its atmosphere.

Now I have a crucial question for you: does that structure appear natural?

Watch the video below.


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