NASA Confirms and Accepts the Existence of UFOs on Earth Throughout History

We recently discovered the fact that NASA has been confirming the existence of UFOs for a very long time now, just that we ourselves didn’t understand what they were saying all along.

According to an official statement that has been released on their official website, official governmental workers have been observing mysterious objects for a very long time now and unlike what most people think, they did not assign this to natural causes in the slightest.

In fact, they used a certain lingo to make sure that their discussions could never be traced back and that if anyone was listening nobody would be able to prove that they said anything they weren’t supposed to.

According to that statement, witnesses would use a certain lingo called the military language in order to explain their encounters. This was made as a countermeasure to make sure that this is normalized in order to not spread panic.

So, instead of referring to them as UFOs, they would refer to them as “military objects” so that if anyone sees a document regarding such an incident they would not think much of them.

The author of the document reveals the numerous “military objects” spotted by ancient witnesses.

You can check out their own report on the matter, it’s as we mentioned before right on their front page. It is titled “Unidentified flight objects in classical antiquity” and you can read it if you click HERE.

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