Mysterious UFO Flew Right Above The Iberic Penninsula – It Was Witnessed And Filmed By Many People

For urologists in Spain, November 11 is a significant day since a UFO caused an aircraft full of people to land in an emergency on that date in 1979. We’re talking about the Manises event, which had such wide ramifications that it even reached the Deputy Congress, putting the country’s security in jeopardy.

And it occurred again this year. Videos and photographs of a light phenomenon that has been quickly linked to UFOs have filled Spanish social media.

Nonetheless, other critics believe the luminous object in the night sky may have been the SpaceX, a Falcon 9 rocket that delivered satellites and lifted off from the Aerian Force Station at Cape Canaveral that exact night.

Its appearance, on the other hand, was very identical to several UFOs seen by American marines on the West Coast. For example, in August of last year, a bizarre object with almost identical features was seen in Las Vegas.

As can be seen, there are an increasing number of UFO sightings every day, which corresponds to the US government’s official acknowledgment of the presence of UFOs.

What are your thoughts?

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