Mysterious tunnel underneath Mexican pyramid leads directly to the ”underworld”

The underworld is mentioned in every mythical story, ancient text, or book, and it’s always portrayed roughly the same, a dark cruel place underground, home to mythical and deadly creatures, however that may not be the case at all!

Under the famous Mexican pyramid Itza Pyramid, using electrical scans and carbon dating, scientists have discovered a massive underground path or tunnel beneath the Itza pyramid. According to scientists the scales of the tunnel, and the space that it leads to its so massive, it could easily fit a whole civilization to live there for decades if they had the resources, meaning that a theory of an ancient underground civilization living here before is not completely an impossible explanation!

According to experts, the tunnel starts about 35 feet beneath the ground and keeps going even further after that, and the space is so massive that it hasn’t been completely looted either. According to mythical histories, it is said that an underworld is a sacred place and all life, animals, plants, and such came from that place!

Supposedly this tunnel was abandoned around 550 AD, but carbon dating shows that it’s much older than that, precisely built around the first to the seventh century and abandoned some time after that for unknown reasons.

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