Mysterious Stones With The Ability To Move, Grow, And Also Breed – These Strange Stones Are Located In Romania

Trovants are strange, growing, multiplying rocks that may be found in Romania.

Torvants are unusual, odd rocks not just because of their propensity to multiply, but also because they are primarily made up of a hard stone core and sand that creates a shell surrounding the core.

These rocks devour the rain’s minerals after each downpour. The minerals react with the chemicals in the stone, resulting in a reaction and pressure inside the stone.

The resulting pressure causes the rock to expand and proliferate from its core to its edges.

Torvants exhibit traits of both a plant and a rock, making it difficult to determine whether they should be categorized as a living or non-living creature. These developing stones are interesting to observe, touch, and use whether they are alive or not!

The high presence of different mineral salts beneath the stones’ shells, according to experts, causes the stones to expand in size. When the surface becomes moist, these chemicals begin to spread, putting pressure on the sand and causing the stone to “grow.”

For the time being, they are simply a famous tourist attraction in Romania that draws visitors year after year. Trovants Museum National Reserve was established in 2004 and is presently under UNESCO protection.


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